Psychological Project Management - 2nd Edition

When it comes to what project managers do, the clue is in their job title – but the role also requires a significant understanding of people. After all, projects are devised and driven forward by employees and teams. It is therefore crucial for project managers and executives to have a firm grasp of the thought and behavioural patterns of project team members and the wider workforce, so that they can steer both people and project to a successful outcome.

This book discusses various psychological theories in detail, with reference to specific project teams and project work. It addresses a wide range of topics, including team development, corporate culture, leadership, resilience, identities, motivational forces, conflict resolution, impression management and learning theory. The result is a highly useful collection of explanatory psychological models that can be applied, in practice, to the management of any project.

This book is therefore suitable not only for project managers but also for managers in general, who wish to increase their understanding of people’s behaviour, reactions and perceptions in a work context, in order to achieve the best results for the organisation as a whole.

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up men to collect wood, assign tasks and divide the work, but teach the men the longing for the wide, endless sea".

              - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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